Monday, October 19, 2009

close up pix

I hope this picture shows better


  1. Hi Michelle, you have a great start on blogging. I have added your blog to my links.
    Bonnie Jones

  2. I have no idea where those numbers came from on my above message. For some reason when I post on a blog with blogspot, it does not like to accept I will use my blogspot which will take you to a blog under construction and then on to the blog with typepad.

  3. Beautiful blog! Beautiful artwork!
    Jean :)

  4. Great start, and beautiful artwork

  5. I love your jewelry! You seem to have a decent camera which can actually take pictures that close up -and be sharp about it (slightly envious here).

    However, I would recommend a better lightning -it makes a huge difference, trust me! I just happened to stumble uppon a few articles on how to create a good (and cheap) setting for taking jewelry pictures and put it into action. Take a look at my blog:
    and feel free to copy.

    Your amazing work deserves the best display avaliable!