Monday, November 21, 2011

Custom made shibuichi thimble. Thimble wih scrolled detail and Maltese dog in top knots. for pricing

Mermaid Treasure ring...palladium silver,mermaid,scallop shell,sea turtle and sea flowers surround a pool with a sea horse UNDER the vaseline glass. for pricing

Enchanted Mermaid ring in palladium silver, mermaid and sea horse in waves surround an enchanted pool,UNDER the glass is a sea turtle. Vaseline glass glows under black light. for pricing

This is a wax for a pendant ,siren Song. Features two mermaids hodling a shell over a mirrored vaseline glass cabachon. for pricing

New pieces update 2011

Sorry it's been such a long time in between posts,couldn't access this until now.This is a wax for a ring called the Mermaid's Kiss, teh stone is vaseline glass which glows under UV light. If interested, please contact me at