Thursday, December 10, 2009

new jewellery

New goodies,one ring is white gold w/ a lady on each side flanking a pear pink kunzite. The other is a palladium silver shell locket ring ,secret mermaid ring. It has a mermaid sleeping inside a shell w/ a pearl. for pricing

new ladies

Finished these ladies a couple weeks ago but hadn't had time until now to post. all ladies are 5" tall. for pricing

new project

New project,got bored with the plain almond colour exhaust fan range hood so I redid it in an antiqued bronze pressed tin. Came out kinda neat,,only now I wonder if it'll be harder to clean those grooves? Oh well who cares? It was a fun project.

Friday, October 30, 2009

new reclining lady

Just finished a new reclining lady on sofa,she's 5 inches tall,dressed in antique silks and laces. for pricing

Updated picture of Al and the kids

New pix with our two new family members, Rylee,the little man and Lil Bit. The kids are all dressed up to visit grandma.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

new mermaid ring

I just finished a new mermaid ring ,it has a carved opal in a scrolled wave,reminds me of an ocean wave. The ring is palladium silver with a sea horse,star fish and mermaid gathered in the ocean waves to form the mounting. The shank is a scrolled design all around,no area left untouched. for pricing

Monday, October 26, 2009

niche finished

I have the niche finished and my art work rehung ,now have to decide what to put inside it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My family

Al and my girls ,Emily,Sasha and Amber. We just added 2 more to the group,2 Maltese,Rylee and Lil Bit.Lil Bit is the mother to my girls actually.I'll have pix of them soon.

more plaster work

Better view of fireplace plus plaster arch and scrolls and corbel in the peak of the cathedral ceiling beams. Hard to see but the beams and wall trim are also embossed. Those are my sweet puppies,Emily,Sasha,and Amber.


I missed working on dolls,I needed that time off to fall in love w/ the art again.


I don't know if it shows in the pix but when I textured the walls I put little flower impressions w/ my fingers. My husband and son saw them right away. I also did a couple little doggie paws for my puppies. I simulated that w/ my fingers too ,didn't think I wanted to put the doggies paws in plaster.

hole in my head

Well I just did something crazy but luckily it worked. I started on my hand made niche last week but didn't have a clue how to install it. After all that work I did on the walls in the kitchen I now cut a hole in it and hoped for the the way not the best strategy....must have a hole in my head... If this hadn't worked when Al came home I'd be patching a wall with the piece I cut out..and yes I saved it for just such an emergency... I would'a had a lot of 'splanin' to do.....
Here's the results so far,hole in the wall,now niche in the wall. Waiting for the plaster to dry so I can paint it and put doll in it.

close up pix

I hope this picture shows better

new jewels

I finished a special ring last week,it's called Garden of Puppies. It looks like a floral scroll design w/ a heart center stone but if you look closely,it has doggies surrounding the stone. It's a memorial tribute to all our dogs,past and present.
It's done in cast palladium with a lab alexandrite and genuine pink sapphires in the flowers. Normally I'm not into lab created stones but I just love lab alex,it changes to 3 different colours depending on the light,blue,purple and magenta.

First blog

This is my first blog so bear with me. I'm always working on something new so hopefully it'll be interesting. I work on all sorts of projects from dolls to jewellery to ornamental plaster work. I love adding new architectural elements to our house,especially when it gets cold and I get bored..
I just redid our kitchen,stripped off the old wallpaper and did a Venetian plaster finish and embedded little plaster reliefs and finished w/ a butterscotch sponging.